Banner of the Major Blaze Medicine Show
Image of presentation at Clockwork Alchemy 2023 photo by Nathaniel Blackheart

Join sideshow performer and fan of oddities, fraud, hoaxes and history, Major Blaze as he presents the following:

Photo of Major Blaze explaining quack and dangerous medicines.  Photo courtesy Amy Dahlberg.

#1 Major Blaze Medicine Show - Understanding Quackery, dangerous medicines and devices from the Victorian era to the early 20th century

#2 The Oddities Show  Learn about sideshow oddities, oddities museums and the amazing PT Barnum museums (mature audiences recommended)

#3 The Dr. R. Snick Poisons and Cures Show

Learn about several of the poisons used in the past and how "cures" were sold, making incredible amounts of money for the purveyors, from hundreds of years ago to the 18th century and the early 20th century

Presentations can be tailored for your audience's interests.

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